What languages do you speak?

I noticed in the forum that many of us speak many languages. We even had threads in Spanish, Italian, and German, which contributes in creating a very rich cultural and linguistic diversity over here.
Well, I’d like to know who speaks what, just for the fun of it ;). Let you list what languages you speak, and the degree of your proficiency.

I am a native Berber and Arabic speaker. [Arabic includes Moroccan Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), and a variety of other dialects]
I speak good French and English.
I took classes in Spanish and German, but my level in them is quite basic.

How about you all?

ok , i speak good Arabic and English!

and french as well, but not as well as english and arabic

I speak good French (I’m native) and English (according to SM)

I’ve basic notions in Deutsch wa Italiano

I’m beginner in Modern Arabic (don’t ask me what it is !) and Darija

I sudied Ancient Greek at school, almost forty years ago, but I remember the alphabet

I tried Albanese and Serbian three years ago, with no sucess

And, last but not least, I know some words in Chinese and Japanese…

Oh, and I tried the elves language too, after readind the Lord of the Rings !

But anyway, the answer at SM’s question is : French, English and soon, Darija

as for me, french and berber are my native tongues. i speak English and Spanish, school level and i want to improve them with you!:smiley:
I learned German at school but i am very bad in that language,i have just some notions!
I am beginner in Darija, and i can read arabic letters (with vowels of course!).


I speak spanish and english and would love to learn darija french and italian,


coooool :smiley: :smiley:
you multilingual ppl !!:smiley:

Arabic and English :frowning:
But I got to learn French!!

I can speak Urdu, Hindi, simple Arabic (intermediate) and of course English
want to learn French and Darija (Moroccan Arabic)


I just speak french, an english not very excellent but not really bad neither… and some words of russian that I learned at school, a long long time ago… :wink:
I wish I could speak darija very soon (I’m not very patient…), and probably classical arabic, because I think the writing is very beautiful and because, like for darija, I really love the sound of this language.
And that’s all for the moment… :smiley:

Darija is a beautiful tongue but i prefer listening to people talking MSA , it sounds so harmonious. i would prefer that we talk MSA in morocco as in the past!:ok::ok::hap:

English [Native Language]

French [High School Standard]

Japanese [Few Words and Phrases]

Darija [Family Influence - More soon]

French is my native language, but it seems like I speak better in English than in French.

I have been learning German for three years, since I entered French junior high.

And since the beginning of vacation, I do speak moroccan darija.

Ps: I still don’t understand what MSA is, I am sorry… Could someone explain what it is exactly? Thanks.

My first language / mother tongue is Danish, but I left Denmark when I was 21 (in 1964) and have lived in England and Australia since then, so my English is more fluent than my Danish ! As well as English, I learnt German and French at school, and have started working on my
French again - this site helps me with that, too ! - I learnt a bit of Japanese before going to Japan about 20 years ago, but I’ve forgotten most of it. I have a Certificate in Mandarin Chinese, and have studied
Spanish on and off for some years, and am doing a course at the moment.
And thanks to SM and everybody here I’m learning darija :smiley:

I’m native Dutch of course :hap: I can also speak and write English, French and German.
And because of my first marriage I also can speak Vietnamese(can read it too,but the writing is not very good).
My second husband(Moroccan) never learned me Darija and I still would like to learn that too even after my devorce.
And I really love the country still hope for a chance to live there, incha Allah!
And I’m serieus thinking of taking lessons in MSA. There is a good school here in my town where I can learn MSA from
native speaking teachers so I will try for sure.


Native Berber or Amazigh + speakin Moroccan Dialect

French + English


I am native Slovenian,
fluent with languages in ex-Yugoslavia (Croatian,Serbian,Bosnian),
good in English
cannot be lost in Italian and German speaking countries,
and basic in Arabic.
I studied Hindi awhile ago, and beside I can read and write (without knowing what :P), I remember just few phrases

MSA means Mordern Standard Arabic - used by medias and scientists, it could be understood bye almost everybody in arabic world. Ask to SM for more explanations.

I speak Arabic, French, English and intermediate Korean!
I speak Poorly Spanish though.

I speak in descending order (very hight to very poor) : french, darija, Berber, English, Spanish and MSA.

I speak: Dutch, French, English, and a little bit of darija