What language is this?

Is this darija or chil7a?

the clip has dancing so if you are offended by dancing don’t click on it



I believe it’s Darija, i hardly could hear some words, & they sounded so.

It’s Darija

'Celibataire by Cheba Maria


thanks so much tafoukt!

can someone help me translate some parts?

sir ouli celibataire ya lalla ana mennah rani mala
go be single (ya lalla) I’m…

neg3ed wehdi solitaire ya lalla oula n’ouli had elhala
I’ll sit by myself ya lalla, or I’mm become…

nhar ellawal jab lahlawa ou tani goule ghir houa houa
in the first day he brought me cookies and then…
3la walou wela yetlouwa dewerhali saw ehrawa (x2)
why did he became complainer ,he switch it into battle


lka m3a sa7ab la joie yedkhoul ledar ydir la loi
… then he comes into the house and makes the law

mazahani ma chba3t keswa ki lyatima ma 3andi droi(x2)
… like an orphan i have no right


koul youm debza koul youm tapage rahbabi darli chantage??(spelling)
everday we fight…
wehdi fe ddar derli barage ma bkali sber ma bka courage (
alone at home, he put a dart ,i have no patience left and no courage

yea its deffinitely darija :slight_smile: