what is the differences?

I was studying modern arabic and switched to darija. I know that darija , most all vowels are dropped. What other differences are there please. I know someone of the vocab words are different. what else?

lot of words from french, spanish, imazighen languages.

you mean DARIJA.

well…another noted difference is the pronounciation of some letters, like “G” as in Guitar, “G” does not exist in Arabic Fos7a, G often replaces “9” (9af), & it’s written as “K” (Kaf) with 3 dots above like “Sh” (sheen)…
also some words that derives from French are spelled with “P” which does not exist in Fos7a either, & its usually written as “B” (baa) with 3 dots below.

Another thing is that the letters “Thal” (as in Then), “Thad”(as in Father) & “Thaa”(as in Thing) are not correctly pronounced in Darija, they’re simply said as “Dal” (do), “Dad” (i think Russian ‘D’) & taa (to).

cool expl. PB, i’ve noticed these things too and it’s good to be reminded of them… i’m also wondering what u can tell us about the vowels in darija…

LOL @ dijara :smiley: