What Exactly Do "Drari" and "Khoya" Mean in Moroccan Arabic?

Hello, I’ve read different things online including on this forum as well as had differing explanations from relatives and I’m unsure as to what these words mean exactly - Could someone please confirm for me is “drari” boys/guys/friends or children/teenagers? Or is it both? And is it boys/guys/friends or my boys/my guys/my friends? Is it children/teenagers or my children/my teenagers? And is “khoya” brother or my brother?

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Those are excellent questions!

Regarding possession, I can see the source of the confusion coming from the “i” ending. This is not a possessive suffix.
Singular is: darri. Plural is: Drari.
Drari can indeed mean boys, guys, friends, children, and teenagers, depending on the context.
If you are hanging out with the guys, you can address them: Drari, let’s go!
You can tell someone that you are going to hang out with drari (the guys, friends).
A lot of noise coming from the street? It must be drari (kids, boys) playing football.
You will probably never anyone say my drari, “drari diali”. It’s either drari s7abi, my guy friends, or just drari.
My kids will be a different word: “wladi”.
My male friends is “s7abi”.

This means my brother.
Ahmed’s brother is kho Ahmed. His brother is khoh. Her brother is khoha.

Ahh, I thought so but I needed to be sure - Thank you :slight_smile:

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