what does 'Ya Khsartaq Ya Alby' mean?


what a waste/loss o my heart, it’s egyptien darija.

yeah i thought its msri too
cause moroccans dont say alb, but qlb

lol @ egyptian darija.

Correction though for the spelling, it’s ya khstartk not ya khsartaq.

we would say dareg… egyptian darraga (did u see Rania in Ragel w set sittat? lolz)

I only know that Egyptian dialect is called Masri, egyptian dareg sounds too off to me. And isn’t darraga bike?
I know the series, but darraga doesn’t remind me of any specific scene.

yeah darraga is bike, she is acting like the very educated one but she is just showing off, she once said at the vernacular “darraga”,
our dialect is msri yeah, anyway we rarely say dareg, or darga…

no, it’s khsartak, it’s egyptien :ok:

PB, yes yes, I meant it’s K at the end, not Q. I didn’t correct the spelling itself.

oops ! i get it

3amiya masriya ya 3am! lol