what does *tii* mean?

Assalamou alaikoum

Could you please tell me what tii means as in “wa tii fin”

I thought the sentence meant “where are you” but I thought “you” would be nti not tii

Barak Allahou fik

Wa 3alaykom ssalam :). Mr7ba b takchita!
Tii is nti indeed, just in a shortened form. Like it would be “wa tta fin” for “wa nta fin”. And it doesn’t exactly mean “where are you”, it’s a form of “greeting” if you want to call it so, like in “hey, where have you been”. You can also say simply “wa fin”.
In some Moroccan movies, these tti and tta are used by Moroccans living in the countryside (l3robiyya), so it’s some kind of accent. I am not sure if Casawi people speak like that by default too.
I hope this helps :)…
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Choukrane bezaaf. I really appreciate the reply!

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I just wanna say that “wa tti fin” / “wa fin” is not used for anyone or everyone, juts with freinds, and it mean “wa ti fin konti” (where were you all this time, long time no see)

You can answer : ha Hna, labass lHadmolillah :wink: