What does this mean in Tunisian?

what does basha basha means, i here a lot of Tunisian people use is… :huh:

It’s barsha. That’s the Tunisian equivalent of the Moroccan bzzâf, the Saudi marra, the Lebanese ktîr, the Egyptian awi. :smiley:
Barsha = A lot, very much.
There is a song by Saber Arroba3i called barsha barsha.

hay hay 3la SM!! 3arfa lehjat l3arabiya :wink:

Llahja ttonsiya ta7founa barsha, w n7ebbha zéda :D. I learn a little bit from Medjri and from TV. We had started some practice in the Maghreb forum, but it stopped for a while. I love learning about Arabic dialects. You can be our Emarati dialect guide if you wish :).


[q]shukran bezzzzzzzzaf [/q]

I remember the song by saber it used to be in my head… Barsha barsha ya barsha…:mdr:

Barsha barsha ya mdallal
7obbak 3ala galbi tsallal
Min 3ini law redt trô7
Jismi w rô7i tit3allal


That’s Saber Arroba3i, on the Moroccan TV channel: 2M.

thanx. i don’t know him.:okay:

I confirm: “barsha”=a lot and “barsha barsha”=very much.:lol:
And by the way, I discover a future singer in this forum. Isn’t it, SM!:smiley:
You have my vote. Who else?

A singer? Who? :blink: