what does this mean? darija>>Eng

Moul elmezjmar saken leb7ar?

I don’t know one word but here is what I got:

The owner of the “meszjmar” is living at the ocean…


There’s a beach called " sidi abderrehman mool l mejmar " ( lord abderahman of the “mejmar” ) .

“Mejmar” is a pot in which people make fire, either to cook, or to do some “magic”, & that abderahman guy is supposed to be one of the blessed ones that can heal you or sth like that. :mdr: & i believe the beach is called after him for it was where he lived or sth !!

“saken leb7ar” , the living of the beach or living in the beach.

Thank you sooo muchhh!!!;):D:D:D


Generally women go to si abderrahman-like “healers” when they are in trouble -they forget that the best healer is the Qur’an- … we have the same thing happening with turks, when the husband behaves weirdly they go to a sidi to cast a “spell” on him xD