What does 'Shmet' mean?


To fool someone. Moroccans hate the feeling of shemta, feeling that someone fooled them.
Let me give you an example. If a Moroccan buys something from the grocery store, and finds out at home that he got the change wrong, he wouldn’t just let go and forget about it. He will go all the way back to the store, just to make a point, and make the shop owner that he is no fool and he knows how much money he got back.
Same applies to buying something, and finding out later it has some defect. Moroccans just need to make it known that if the seller tried to pull some trick on them and fool them, then it didn’t work.

Clear enough?

i always hated that grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr my mom forced me all the time to go back to the store to make that stupid point … now im good at that :smiley: im officially an anti-shemta

Interesting cultural tidbit; definitely not part of the American culture