what does Lkafer mean??

Lkafer or kafer ?? i dont know

the “l” in lkafer is like “the”, so they both are the same.

It means the “unbeliever” kinda “atheist”, however the former has the closest meaning.

[need for correction, just in case…]

Thankyouuu xx =D

&nd what does lkafer saffer mean??

You got it right, Gretchen. It’s just like fos7a.

Safer means went on a trip. So your sentence is maybe: the unbeliever went on a trip?
It doesn’t make much sense to me.

neither me btw.
Well it looks like it’s a proverb or saying…maybe?

maybe she has the word order mixed up? Could it be lfaker ? and doesn’t faker mean “poor person” ?? just guessing