what does el ghaba mean?


el ghaba means “the forest”, but I also listened this word for “the jungle”, and all kind of places with trees (except those in the cities :^^: ).

looll makhelitili mangoul a bba ouazzani :smiley:
i add this one , if u hear ‘’ sbitar lghaba ‘’ this is a hospital in kenitra :stuck_out_tongue:

Can it “el-ghaba” which means stupidity? or it is only mkllkh in darija?

I don’t know about stupidity, Gretchen… A native here, please!

There is a place between Tanjah and ASilah ismo “ghaba merikana” (also called in french la fôrete diplomatique).

yes i know ghabet mirikan :stuck_out_tongue: and u better dont get so close to it hahahahhahaha
about lghaba2 well if u say it everyone is gonna understand u since its fus7a , but no its not darija

okay, i was just guessing…