what does dsara mean?

& shti?

shti aka chefti or shefti = did u see ?

dsara ===== > dsara

thank you very much ! :smiley:

hania a sat :wink:

dsara = madridista

looooooollllll wakha a z3ama :stuck_out_tongue:

what does z3ama mean??? lolllllll

z3ama = dsara loooll
and sometimes can mean also courage

hahaahaa Ok

[quote=Za3ma]dsara = madridista
lol jabtiha las9a

[quote=Madridista]z3ama = dsara loooll
and sometimes can mean also courage[/quote]
veeeeery niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

tabdarst, za3ma means means
now put za3ma in all ur sentences nd u’ll be :okay: in darija

tabdarst : SpeakMoroccan isnt responsible of what Za3ma teaches you :^^: