What does "Chayyana" mean?

Hello to everyone,

I was wondering what “chayyana” means in classic arabic (alarabiya fusha). I know this forum is for dariya questions, but i haven’t found any other place where to ask.

I have had a look at some lessons in this website, they’re really interesting, i would like to thank the administrator for giving us the chance to learn alarabiya dariya.

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Hello Jose, it’s nice to have you joining us. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and why you learn lfos7a in the new members section? :slight_smile:

And no worries, you can ask questions about classical Arabic too, it’s the mother of Darija ^_^. (Btw, dariya means girl in Darija). [I’ll just have to move this topic to the translations forum]

Now for your question, there is no such chayyana verb in MSA that I know about. Maybe you meant shayyada? To build… Can you let me know where you heard that word from? Or give me the full sentence? I might be able to help.

Hello SM,

I am Spaniard, from south of Spain. I live in Granada, but I am actually studying translation (tarjama) in the university. I am sorry but I don’t know how to represent the sound of the arabic words with latin characters, I learned some classic arabic last year in the university, including verbs (the two sentences plus the imperative) and as well as grammar (The 3 cases: nominative, acusative and genitive). Far from learning communication skills, we just had to study a lot of grammar, which didn’t help when I wanted to talk to the arabic people I know. These people are mostly Morrocans, and most of them did not understand classic arabic, so I found it very frustrating, since I was learning a language that I could not practice. That was chiefly the reason that led me to start learning arabic dariya, I also went to Tetouan last summer, because I was invited by a marrocan friend of mine, I had a good impression at the culture and the people I met.

Anyway, I think this website can provide me of a basic overview regarding the dariya language, and I will complement it by talking to marrocans and travelling to Marroco more often.

With regards to “shayana”, I asked for this because there is a village called “Jayena” in Granada, and someone told me that the name comes from the arabic “shayana” and he asked me for the meaning, which I didn’t have a clue. Hope I gave some more context and you can work out the meaning, if not, never mind.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome,


Hello again Jose.
I can’t think of a word close to Jayena, but there sure is not shayana in Arabic. If you feel better writing in Arabic letters, you can do.
So you speak Darija shwiyya? ^^

We were taught really basic “alarabiya saudia” or “fusha”. I was unable to carry on with arabic this year, since my timetable was really busy and arabic lessons overlapped with others, so I decided not to enroll, though it wasn’t my will.

Is there any section in the website where I could find widely used expressions and common phrases? I think it would be really useful for me to learn texts (dialogues) withing context, say “at the supermarket” or “in the street”.

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That’s an interesting idea. We do not have dialogues in this websites, but within the entries of my blog, there are often dialogues in different situations. Have you checked it?
But it will be interesting to add a section as you said, we’ll work on that inshallah :). Thanks for the suggestion.