what does 7shi mean

xD and give a few examples
and when you use it?

hahahahahahhaha ok ok aint gonna ask u where did hear that lol

7shi aka khchi = put sth inside another thing
its a very dangerous word :^^: coz just by addin a word to it or even one letter , it becomes a very mean word

examples mmmmmm : khchi danone f telaja = put the yogurt in the refrigirator

hahhaha oke
i heard somebody said '7shithallek ??? i dont knowwww

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ok ok hhhhhhhh

loollll this is slang … it was considered as a mean word but not now with this context
7chithalek aka 9oulebtk means that he did u trick

hahahahah oke thankkkkkkssss

and how do you say that for a girl?

the same thing :wink: … but if u wanna be a lil bit polite use ‘’ dertha bik ‘’

khchi danone f telaja ???
never heard that

hmmmmmmmmmmm really
khchi danonoe f talaja = dakhal danone talaja

euuuuuuuhhh dont know where u learnt ur darija … but where i live we can say this

who u were talking abt now ?? hope u didnt say that to me

khchi flous f beztam
khchi iddik f jibak


hott danone f talaja

huh? ach ma3jbkch fiha ?

mmm. sa3b dakchi. tyfakirni fi masr ty9olo ‘khoosh’ mlli ktdour w tdkhoul chi derb.

khoosh heya dkhoul in egypt
in all contexts

[quote=Za3ma]khoosh heya dkhoul in egypt
in all contexts[/quote]
la machi all contexts makandonch i think its only for entering into something khoosh gowwa…and i think maybe its mostly used only for a command…blati nsoul akhti

why does she live in egypt??

but dkhoul is also and enter command