What do you say and when do you say?

Hi everyone,

Im just wondering…

When someone says “besa7a / bsa7tek” what does it means en when do you say it?
(I hear it when I’m eating something, or get new clothes etc)

I would also like to know how to respond when someone says it to me…
I hear everyone saying “Latik saha” or something (Sorry, dont know how to write it).

Hope you guys can help me. Shoukran :D!!!

lah y3atk asa7a…

i guess i spelled it right:)

Hi there!

Thats the anwser when someone says it. But do you also know what it means en when do you say besa7a or bsa7tek" ?

literally it means like to your health

sa7a = health

b = to

tak = your

but you say it when you want someone to enjoy something like food you made, if you are encouraging them for something nice they got (new clothes, haircut, took a shower or went to the hammam and got clean)…its a very polite and nice thing to say you notice the new things in someone’s life and you are happy for them??

maybe someone else can give you some more examples

I see… Thank you very much achminfar9.

And does it make a diffrence if you say besa7a or bsa7tek?

Or is it the same?

about the same bsa7tek just means literally to you (a singular person) whereas bsa7a would just be in general, not specifying just to you or to a group. both are equally appropriate. however if one was talking to a group, it might be good to be more specific and say bsa7tkoum which is for a group instead of a singular person.

should add here that if someone says this to you, you should always as a matter of good manners answer with the expression esmeraldababa gave above. if a group of ppl are all telling you this at the same time, then to answer them you can say llah ya3tekoum sa7a (again the koum ending for a group instead of singular)