What do you do when you feel like doing nothing?

Pretty tricky question! The laziness law says:
[color=#5F49B6] If you feel like doing work, sit down and wait until that feeling goes away![/color]. (I actually have this as my msn personal message, folks! Not that I “fully” believe in it, it’s just an awesome quote :^^:)

Jokes apart, whether you actually have things to do or not, but you really feel like doing absolutely nothing…What do you end up doing?

For example, if you have a project to work on, and you don’t feel like getting any close to it, what do you do for a “break”? Relax? Play something? (what exactly?) Watch TV? Or just make yourself move it and go work?

Well, as I’ve just explained in the French topic, I usually do research about the craziest thoughts I have, or look for quick games to play online [never those that need to be downloaded], and actually end up not finding any, hence get bored and get back to work. :unsure:

sounds like pretty much what i do to- except for now i am still off work from a work injury- but, i do search for alot of things on the net when i am in the mood to deal with the p.c–

search islam, music, countrys, cultural, food-recipes, watch a few good movies- and just try to pass the time away…

When I don’t feel like doing anything… well, I like to read the old posts and revive them… and that trumps the feeling of “not wanting to do anything at all” usually.

So, say I need to go and do a ton of laundry, but I don’t WANT to do it. In that case, I just remember the days when I had to do the wash by hand, on the frraqa, and then I feel happy that I don’t have that problem anymore, so it becomes such a relief that I have a machine to do all of that really difficult manual labor, and I am happy again. Then, after I load the washer, I go and read a book.

Usually sleep…

surf the net…:smiley:

surf the net or watch TV/DVD or both at the same time

surf the net…:smiley:

iScrapbook :smiley:

and iListen to my iPod =]

I sleep…

That’s pretty much my pattern many times. Lately, I also have the habit of picking up an Arabic book or check some learn-Arabic-website :^^: