what do u do at 10pm every day????????

ach ka dirou m3a 10 dyal lil koula nehar???

lol ana dima 3al PC or netfarraj fi la tele :hap:

10:00 PM = getting my sister off the PC, my turn…my night

LOL papers haha yeah thats a daily battle in my house :roll:

the same; watching tv or on my pc (rhyming right? lol), o a7yanan (?) n9ra ila makynch chi 7aja 3a tv

ps, didn’t knew b4 that 10 pm is in darija “10 dyal lil”, thanks :slight_smile:

nakhod douch w nmchi lkhidma

lool Paperbird :slight_smile:
I didnt know that I m so Lucky … I don’t need to fight for the pc :stuck_out_tongue:

At 10 pm I usually go home from my work …

me neither, at 10 pm on weekdays im usually watching the time so i can pray 3isha2 prayer and go straaaaaaaaaight to sleep coz im dead tired… on the weekend im probably watching something, on my pc, reading or sitting outside with my neighbours

achmid ka yahkoud douche lel khedma

hchouma ga3
ta wahada ma gal
ta nemchi l sm dyal qalbi

koula nehar
m3a l3achra
ka nji l sm
w melli ma ka njiche
ka nebqa gasla
kan fakar fi sm


we all didn’t wanna just state the tooooo obvious

kdaba :stuck_out_tongue:

ta ana kdibt ri nt7ammam fljoma3a w safi jjjjjjjj