what do u call ur parents,????

achmin -an adult male---- calls his father baba


i use lwalid and lwalida

and u??

euuuuh w ach fiha baba … now i call them l7ajja w l7ajj but before i used to say baba and mama … but when im talkin about them to others i say lwalid and lwalida …
but i still like to call my mother mama especially when i miss her :stuck_out_tongue:

When adressing them i say Baba/Mama, when refering to them i say Lwalid/a

well i think its the same with everyne … i mean our generation
before they were callin their parents : mmi/bba … but i find it rude a lil bit

why do u think it’s rude???

pfffff je c pa c un gou c tt … doesnt sound good for me

3endi baba w 3endi mama dima me3aya 7etta fe nnoum

ps: not really, of course, but just answering the question

esk chui le seul a ne pa comprendre lintervention de doudi :S

ana kan9ol mama o baba wach fiha chi mochkil??? i like it

ya3ni kangoul baba wa mama comme dans la chanson que tu connais pas apparemment… et j’ai dis que les paroles ne sont pas véridiques pour moi, baba w mama machi m3aya 7tta f nnoum, it’s a kiddiz song. got it now?

i’m the only adult here who stopped callig baba and mama

wlad danoune lakhrine

looool i was waitin for this wellah
well wlad danone daba kay3eyto mami et papi :smiley: mama w baba 3ndhom welat 3roubia

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollll whateva

wakha wlad danone tay kabro bi asnane qawiya wa bayda
amma mad maskin

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a be3di meni rah mansla7ch lik hhhh galek asnan 9awya hhh tjerbi wach asnani 9awya wla lla :stuck_out_tongue: ???

owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww where is love pls :cry: mad u love her dont say that lol

fermaaaaaaaaaaaaache dyaliiiiiiiiiiiii

dude she didnt believe my love nchouf wach tbelievi this :stuck_out_tongue:

za3ma hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ch7al hadi masme3t dik lkelma looll

samu he’s in love so much that h’s saying za3ma more than often now
za3ma ach gha neglou lik za3ma bezzaf dyal lmarrate ze3ma

ach man kalma 9oli a za3ma yalah bghit nchof