What do these words mean?





somage is meant to be dommage (typo) which means shame/pity, like “what a shame/pity”

lalla maybe ur right … but i have another hipothesis :
in morocco sometimes we use arabic words with french suffix ( just for fun )
for example we say : la mochkilization de la bacharité
so here maybe it means “sawm” ( to fast ) and in a slang way it became somage …
( aint sure about all that … since i didnt c the whole convo )

sbaasa = plural of sebsi … ( i think ouazzani put some pix of a sebsi somewhere in the forum ) well it is used to smoke weed

bchacha = happiness , sometimes it is related to hash and alcohol ( when u get high )

Yeah, you are right, shi sebasa, shi serabis w l bashasha = Taxi kbir ila l jnan dial kafirin :ok: :^^:

somage it could also be a bad transcription for bitala (chomage), also coming from a french word.

yeah ouazz … thats true

I assume that’s for the first post :smiley:

looooll no for the 2nd one …
ma3ndich m3a sebsi ana :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys,
the contexts for some of these words:
one comedian was saying that this guy’s moustache (shlaghn??) was so big that you would think kaybee3 sbassa.

And the bchacha was just a word to describe women.

I don’t remember the context where I heard sommage…

shlaghm = moustaches; shlghuma = big moustache. But I always listen “Shlaghm”

Little moustache: sharb

Some guys smoking sibsi, near La3rashe.

looool did you take this photo?

Yeah, I did.

It’s an extraordinary place near La3rash where are located some prehistoric monuments. A little Stonehedge in Morocco.

lol you only left the innocent man at the back without blind folds

anyway good shot, you’ll use it to blackmail them… if you ever need to :smiley: … and no, i’m not giving you bad advice, just speaking aloud what you were already thinking

sommage sma3tiha hena?

ya lol
I think it was that video.