What are words worth

What are words worth?

Difficult question eh? Fortunately the Tom Tom Club answered it for us in the absolute classic Wordy Rappinghood.

Finding the right words is not easy. I already have trouble expressing myself clearly in my maternal language, so you can
imagine how difficult it is to make myself understood when speaking darija. I have difficulty distinguishing the dental and velar consonants; I already learned a long time ago that it’s not necessarily a romantic thing to say ‘mon coeur’ in darija to someone you feel strongly about if your ‘qaaf’ sounds like a ‘kaaf’.

Here is a pronounciation drill which helps you to choose your words wisely.

kal qal
kas qas
fik fiq
fluka fluqa
kelb qelb !
dar Dar
din Dim
n-dir nDiR
tab Tab
tub Tub
7it 7iT
sif Sif
snan Snan
seff Seff
s7ab S7ab
zina Zina
rzama RZana
rezza ReZZa

oooh, a fellow initiate in the mysteries of velarization… Sad and sin still are hard for me to distinguish, sometimes

shukran, maarten.

I can’t remember in which book it was, that I read the advice to concentrate on the way the vowel sounds change with the emphatic consonants D, T, S -(that is very clear in this recording, I think) - personally, I found that a very helpful suggestion.

Are there emphatic R and Z in darija ? I haven’t come across these before.