what are some ex. of derija words derived from or found in spanish???

Salaam everyone,

This isn’t exactly a translation question…

I’ve always heard that spanish has a lot of words in common with derija, or arabic generally, but I don’t know of any examples.

Help me out?


mmm ive heard from my teacher once that spanish has about 4000 words derived from arabic .
and ofcourse darija has some spanish words , we will need someone from the north of morocco to help us with this coz in my darija we use french words not spanish :wink:

i can give u some arabic words used in spanish : almohada , azucar , alcazar , alquitran , alcalde …

Gibraltar, Valadolid, Alhambra :lol:

Well…here’"s some Spanish words from northern Moroccan Darija:
Pomperos, bolancia, kakha, lata, norté, pardido, campo, pokadio, trambia, poonto, playa…& lot more

Spanish words from general Moroccan Darija : rwida, semana, sbbat…& others

I’ll post more if i could remember sth later…

Shoukran! This is very helpful!

Let me know if you think of any others.