wedding and new family law


i have a reeeeally biiiiig doubt…
was it possible some years ago marriage between cousins? and as a new family law passed in 2008(maybe i’m wrong whit the year but…) is it possible now to marry your cousin?
thanks to you all

I think it’s possible and why wouldn’t it be ? it’s not forbidden or whatever !!

There are no restriction by law. Cousins can get married

because here in italy if it comes that there is a link (ex. your are cousins) you cannot marry and it’s also dangerous to have children…for their health

It’s not illegal in Italy to marry your cousin.
The United States is the only Western country with cousin marriages restrictions.
No European country has a law against that.

i dont believe in the health argument

The health argument is a weak one.
There are now studies that prove that marriage between cousins is no more detrimental to their offspring than a mother who has children after age 40. There is a slightly higher risk for genetic abnormalities in children born to older mothers because of aging eggs, and also a slightly higher risk for the offspring of cousins (due to lack of variation in the gene pool).
But it’s slight! A very small risk. And because older mothers have no social stigma for taking this risk, married cousins should have none either.

Anyway, the risk for cousin’s couple is higher than in case of a couple who is not related at all, so why risk our children’s health?

oh yeah…that’s what i was thinking about…plus all people i met from morocco not all have married between cousins…so this fact made me wonder a lot “why they did so?” i’m not talking about feelings but…well maybe if he/she is one of your relatives this should make you think a little more about marrying

I know a story of cousins who were really in love for years before they got married and they have 2 children, the girl is just perfect: healthy and clever, but the boy is autistic and now, being aware of the danger they decided not to have more children

i don’t know for sure,but maybe it depends upon how closer they are as cousins?

It depends on their chromosomes !! :slight_smile:

You can even have autistic children from another wife who doesn’t belong to ur family :slight_smile:

Of course you can and that’s why I’m wondering why make the risk higher than normal on purpose and being totally conscious of it?

Maybe, u’re right… but that’s love !!

If it’s love, it’s ok, I can understand, I know how it works… :slight_smile:

u know how it works haha :smiley: better for u, take it easy !!


If its not haram why not , i know many people got married with their cousins and they got kids and they re completly fine alhamdlillaaah

Alhamdulillah. Good for them, but if something is not haram it doesn’t mean that we should do it as we wish, without thinking. There are many things that are not haram, but we should avoid them, if we can, like divorce for exemple.