wash kate3erf l-mahgreb shwiya?

wash kate3erf l-mahgreb shwiya?
Take this quiz to find out (xess-ek t3erf l-fRanSawiya shiya.)
I scored 3 out of 10. I guess that makes me an absolute beginner.

skun fi-kum 7Sel miya fi miya (l-merra l-luwla)?

As the test is in French it might be better to post the English part of your post in French…

3and-ek l-7qq a lala.

Deuxième essai:
Voici un petit quiz de TV5Monde pour vérifier votre connaissance du Maroc. m3a salama.

la ya sahbi ma kan3rafch ikhwanena dial maghrib :wink:

Moi j’aurai ecrit de cette façon khassek ta3raf lroumiya chi chwiya mais balak ntoma fel maghrib machi kif kif

I got 8 out of 10 correct. I knew the answer to 7 and guessed the remaining 3, one of which I guessed correctly. The ones I didn’t know were the questions about sport, lipstick and cakes. (of the cakes I only knew one of the names)

maarten - how come you only got 3 right, with your good darija I thought you would be familiar bezzaf with all things Moroccan ??!

@darija_dialna Please include translation in English and/or French. Shukran :slight_smile:

Of course :slight_smile:

No my friend i don’t know very well my moroccan brothers (because i’m from algeria)

You need to know a bit french, but maybe it’s not same in morocco

rani telmid tqil u -7shuma 3liya - hadi mudda mshit le l-mahgreb. m3a l-2asaf ma kan-3arf-sh had l-blad ki-ma bghit. m3a salama.
(I’m a slow student and I don’t have (make) the time to visit Morocco regularly I’m afraid. Practice makes perfect though: 10/10 on my 7th try so I’m getting there. Rgds mp).

Labas maarten
shukran 3la j-jwab dyalek / thank you for your reply

Could you please explain the ki-ma construction; I’m not familiar with this. Thanks.

ki-ma (kif -ma) = like, such as

eg. ki-ma gult-lek = like I told you, ki-ma l’3ada = as usual, ki-ma kate3rf = as you know.
These examples come from a texbook; they’re correct.
In the post above I translated ‘… as I’d like’ as ‘…ki-ma bghit’. I’m not sure if a native Moroccan would use the ki-ma construction here though.


6/10 :frowning: