waqt âsh awwel mrra......

salut tout le monde, hello everybody!

J’ai découvert ce jeu lors de ma petite ballade sur la toile, et je me suis dis que ça pourrait être sympa.
i discovered this game on the Web, and I thought that it could be great to try it.

la seule règle c’est de répondre en darija à la question posée précédement par quelqu’un d’autre en darija aussi!:
the only rule is to answer the question in darija and to ask your own question in darija too!

the question is:
waqt âsh awwel mrra… = à quand remonte la premiere fois où … / when was the first time when …

je commence / i begin:

waqt âsh awwel mrra mshitî lb7ar?

Mâ 3qltsh, knt Sghîra bzzâf.
[large]?? ???. ??? ??? ???.[/large]
I don’t remember, I was too young.

That’s because it’s not a very special event!

Imtâ awwl mrra sâfrtî bô7dk?
[large]??? ??? ??? ??? ???[/large]
When was the first time you traveled alone?

Meaning without your family, either with a school group or else.

Milli kont bsaff sabe3 mshina 3alpatra fi janoob elordon ma3 essaf
When I was in 7th grade I went to Petra south of Jordan with classmates :smiley:

imta awwl mrra soqti sayyara bo7dk ?

Mlli kan 3omri 12 , kan 3mi, allah y ra7mo, tay chje3na 3la lmoghamara

Ymta awwel mrra t3llmti l3ouman ?

mlli kont sghira, jit m3a el qism dyalî wâ7d nhar f semana.
when i was younger, i was going to the swimming pool with my class one day by week.

Imta awwel mrra ta7ti qdam nnâs?

when was the first time when you fell down in front of people?

Mlli kan 3ndi 3cher snin ta7t mn lbicyclette.
Imta 7ssiti b akber far7a ?

Mlli kan 3ndi sba3tashar sna kont fi almadina almonawwara nssalli el3asr fi almasjid ennabawi o nd3i Allah njeeb mo3addal mizian o mlli rje3t 3alfondoq mama o baba o kol el3aila barakoli qaloli inno nje7t bettawjihi (thanawiyya 3amma) kanou 3irfou ennatija min elinternet o jebt mo3addal momtaz a7san min ma twaqqa3et al7amdollah :smiley:
o hadi kant akbar far7a liyya

When I was 17 we went to almadina almonawwara in saudi arabia I was praying al3asr prayer in elmasjid ennabawi and then I made duaa and asked Allah to give me a good mark and when I came back to the hotel I found my mom and dad and the whole family congratulating me and they told me I passed and got an excellent mark better than what I expected they knew it from the internet and that was the happiest event in my life :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
and that’s why I totally love Almadina almonawwara inshallah i will go there again someday

sorry for the mistakes and the long story

imta awwl mrra faqdt shakhs 3ziz 3lik ? :frowning:

It would be easier for newbies if you could translate questions and answers in English or in French…
Thx all :wink:

sorry i don’t understand your sentence Hiba.:hm:

What sentence, Kounouz? Hiba translated her paragraph :hap:. She did put some Jordanian dialect in her text, but she provided the translation ;).

@ SM: i was talking about this one. I don’t understand what faqdt shakhs 3ziz 3lik means.:no:

@ SM: i was talking about this one. I don’t understand what faqdt shakhs 3ziz 3lik means.:no:[/quote]
Lose someone dear to you. I guess that she means death, rather than just losing a friendship, or divorcing mathalan.

imta awwl mrra faqdt shakhs 3ziz 3lik ? sad

Mllî kan 3ndî tlatâsh, faqdt '7ôyya - kan 3ndho '7amsa ô 3shrîn 3âm wa dâr kSîda bi Tômôbil diyalî. Mât '7ôyya… bkît bzzâf :cry:

When I was thirty, I lost my brother. He was 25 and he had an accident with my car. My brother is dead. I cried a lot…

It was the firts time I was loosing someone beloved. And the last one till now… I’m very lucky in fact :hm:

imta awwl mrra rkebt Tayyîrâ ? (w Tiyyâra?)

(when did you take a plane for the first time ?)

i’m sorry for your brother Onc’Kamel. :hm:

13 ----> tltâsh
30 ----> tlatîn

mlli kont sghira, kan 3ndi khamsa ola stsnîn, jit lfransa m3a l3a2ila dyali. Walakin Mâ 3qltsh, rah mama lli t7ki liyya.

when i was young, i was five or six years old, I came to France with my family. But i don’t remember, it is Mum who told me.

imta awwel mrra rb7ti shî 7âja?

when was the first time when you won something?