Wa fin ghbarti?

Please inform me of the meaning of “Wa fin ghbarti?”
ThAnk you.

it means:
“and where did you disappear (to)?” sort of like, “where have u been???” or “long time no see!” or “where the hell are you?”

clear? :smiley:

Thank you for your help.
I would appreciate it if you can recommend a free,reliable online machine for translating between Moroccan and English.

you’re most welcome.
The only reliable online translator from Moroccan into English for the time being, is this wonderful forum, stick around :wink:

I, too, do not know of any automatic tools to translate dialects of Arabic. You still can ask us humans here. :slight_smile:
And good job, LA :). You’re almost a native now!

Thanks for the overstatement Admin, I know that still I am very far from being anything close to native, and worse of all is that right now i’m beginning to lose all the darija i ever had :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: fish-brain!!

nchallah khayr :slight_smile:

automatic tools to translate Arabic dialects into english??? hmm interesting … I’d love to work on a bot like that … theoritically it’s possible but it’s pretty difficult … I mean dialects of the same language can be different ‘languages’ to the speakers of the same ‘language’ if they can’t understand each other. Each dialect may have its own grammar so it’d be easier if we work on an automatic translator from Moroccan to English and vise versa. However the literal translation is not always helpful so my advice is to stick to this lovely forum and inshallah people here would be happy to help you
Salamz <3