wa drbo 3la khoukoum

who knows?

wa drbo 3la khoukoum = Put an X on your brother. And he certainly refers to himself by saying your brother.
Howeverrrrr, I think it’s a typo again and he meant dbro 3la khoukoum… if that’s the continuity of the other sentence then ouch… he is asking them to find something for him, so in the context, he probably means a bride for himself as well…

others, please your insights about this sentence

next sentence goes like this…
ewa asidi lah saadkom olah dir f triktokom lkhir olkhmir zri3a hassana incha alla.

i’ll put an x on him for sure, maybe two right on his eyes.

It might be a typ & it might not, because it might actually be “drbo” not “dbro” but in the meaning of putting X.

We can say “drbo 3lya” = “work for me” / “work on my matter/issue” “help me”

can you give us the full context?
What you posted after that was that wishes for the newly weds (or all those of his friends who were getting married) to be happy and have good and wise kids.

Putting an X was the translation of the first sentence, just in case there is a misunderstanding or something…

sorry i just feel so bad about spying on him.

the email went like this :
hiya ga3 twazejto ana lib9it?
wa dbro 3la khoukoum.
ewa asidi lah saadkom olah dir f triktokom lkhir olkhmir zri3a hassana incha alla

See? its dBro not drbo… you mix up two letters, and the whole meaning changes…

so as I said, it sounds more of a friendly joke though “oh, you all got married and I am the only one remaining? Find me a bride too! Anyways, wishing you happiness and making good families”…
maybe those friends do not know that he is involved with you and he doesn’t want to tell them, so he kinda jokes about him being single… dunno

oh hey, now that you’re saying it, I feel bad too about helping you spying on him… you’re not the only one though, most people who come to this forum come with messages that they were not supposed to read…

oups im so sorry ill stop translating for u … i have already enough sins :no: dont want more

ah don’t worry about it. he gave me the password and would translate it for me if i had asked him too. im just worried about him and the stress of it all. we wanna get married and as far as we are concerned we will be. we are just waiting for them to change their mind.

aaaaaaaaaah ok ok i c now …
its a good idea to ask for their advice , but who the hell is them to decide who am i gonna marry :S … its my life its me who is gonna live with her not them … this is how i think
only God can help u with ur mother in law hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh moroccans moms r so protectives