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“The is pleased to announce that the following 10 candidates have been nominated for the final round of the Best of Men of All times. The listing is in alphabetical order, and visitors can vote for any one of them as the Best of Men. Winner and results will be announced on 02/02/2010. Voters may find a breif history of the candidates in the Profile section.”

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Jesus Christ
Karl Marx
Mahatma Gandhi
Martin Luther
Saint Paul
William Shakespeare

I’m surprised how Moses is not there :blink: anyway…voted for Einstein [large]xD[/large]

For the record, there has already been such ranking done before, but was only done by one person: Michael Hart in his book “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History” in which he lists 100 character joined by an explanation of why they took that position.
The book was released in 1978, revised & reprented in 1992 & 1999 with the top 10 ranked characters in the same positions:

1 - Muhammad
2 - Isaac Newton
3 - Jesus Christ
4 - Gautama Buddha
5 - Confucius
6 - St. Paul
7 - Ts’ai Lun
8 - Johannes Gutenberg
9 - Christopher Columbus
10 - Albert Einstein

15 - Moses
Full List of the 100

shabli best men dyal wedding

i cant see the vote button

i cant see the vote button[/quote]
Somebody must have voted before you from the same IP/PC, u can still vote from another IP by either using another laptop, or using an open proxy.

It’s obvious who i vote for :hap:

Albert like me :^^:

hmmm… I donno about these ten but I prefer number 33 :wink: Alexander the Great :ok:

or maybe I have to choose just from that 10 exactly ? :blink: loool

oops ! there’s no Alexender, those are supposedly the 10 finalists…(do not mess the 2 lists with each other, the second one was already done years ago)

haha… ok Alexander is just in my dreams then loool

so Jesus Christ I think :ok:

you think ? lol

so go enter the site & check if u can see the vote button.

Yes… of course I can see it :slight_smile:

Can it see you ? :stuck_out_tongue:

are you kidding on poor Touta ? :gi:

having fun in this boring night :rose:


lolll for suuuuure xD

no i vote for Mohammed saw

who do you think i voted for :unsure:

dunno :stuck_out_tongue: you seemed so confident with Einsssshhhtein lol

pffffffffffff none sense duuuuuuuude i cant see MAD in the list :s
aint gonna vote yallah :neu:

well duh dude ur simply aint the best, 1st do somin revelutionary then u might…just might be on the list in the next 100 years :roll: