Video 5 - Weather in Moroccan Arabic / Météo en arabe marocain

Thanks to pakyrus again, we have a new video for you.

Weather in Moroccan Arabic:

Météo en arabe marocain:


Thank you SO much - shukran bzzaf ! pakyrus. These audios are really helpful, I think, and there seem to be very few of them around.

I have a question :
I understand that l7al and ljoww can both mean ‘the weather’. Are the words completely interchangable?

A few notes that may help beginners :

it’s hot today
skhrroun l7al lyoum (literally : hot weather today)

it’s cold today
bard l7al lyoum (lit. cold weather today)

zwin ljoww lyoum (lit. beautiful weather today)

khayb ljoww lyoum (lit. bad weather today)

kayna shta (lit. there is rain)

Sebbat shta bzzaf had Sba7 (lit. poured rain a lot this morning)

Pakyrus has indeed been fabulous, and the lack of videos is entirely my responsibility. I’ve been meaning to create new ones for a long time now. People who have been around long enough know about me and procrastination.

L7al literally means situation. Joww means weather, atmosphere. You can ask about ljoww when you’re asking about the general atmosphere in a place, as long as you are specific “ki dayr ljoww f ddar” (how’s the atmosphere at home). If you stick to ljoww alone, it’ll definitely be understood as weather.
Interchangeablity depends on the context.