Video 3 - SpeakMoroccan - Lalla Fatima Song Lyrics

One of the beautiful classical Moroccan songs.


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hada oughnia meziena lint3alm–shoukran!

Oghnia is feminine. So: Hadi oghnia, since hada is masculine.

Hadi oghnia meziana bash net3ellem menha = This is a good song for me to learn from.

Does the word “Dima” mean “Always”?

And the sentence: “ismek dima f glibi” is it depending on gender? Can a woman say “ismek dima f glibi”, or is it from a male perspective only?

yes it does:okay:

yes you can, in fact i would probably write ‘ismik’ for talking about a girl’s name (the example in the video) and ‘ismak’ or ‘ismek’ for talking about a guy’s name.

one note is that generally in moroccan darija instead of ‘ism’ or ‘ismak’, we say ‘smiya’ or ‘smitak’

the word means ‘name’ or ‘your name’

And I think you can say :

ana smiti … = my name is … / I’m called…


ash smitek ? = what’s your name ?

Am I right ?

yeah i usually say shno smitek ? just my preference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i dont know how frequent Moroccans say ash… but ash reminds me of how Tunisians speak…

Yes, “shno smitek?” is what everyone in my family says, so that’s what I say too… and thanks achminfar9 for your help :slight_smile:

Smitni DAFIR :slight_smile:

wa bze3ta