Veryyyy important translation please!!!xx

Hi I’m a girl, and I’m trying to say this to a man, my uncle… shukran bzzaf

Hello Uncle! I hope my family is doing very well. I wanted to tell you that my father and I will be arriving in Casablanca December the 12th! Its crazy that we just left, and we are already traveling back hahaha! I can’t wait to be in beautiful Moroccan again. I love you Tif, and Kiss everyone for me.

Salam 3ami (the brohter of your father) / khali (the brother of your mum)
El 3aila labass, maline dar labass?
Ana w baba ghadi nweslou l Casablanca f 12 decembre!
Kayjini b7al ila 3ad mchina men el maghrib w ha 7na raj3in 3awtani hahaha!
Ana bagha nrja3 nchouf el maghrib dialna zouine.
Kanebghik Tif, bousslia el 3aila koulha.