verb describing how men talk to women in the street

Is there a specific verb in Darija to describe how men try to talk to (harass, chase, etc.) women in the street? I know that there is a verb in Tunisian, “tbaznees,” which has the meaning “to chase women.”

Shukran bezzaf.

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In Moroccan Darija is neggan. You say conjugating the verb “msha ynegg 3liha”. (he went to -verb- her). I had to ask a friend to make sure, since I didn’t know that we had an exact equivalent.
In Egyptian it’s elmo3aksa :hap:.

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I have another equivalent, we could also say “kitbssel 3liha

That’s what I would normally say too, but lbsala is a general term for “being naughty”.

Thank you for the suggestions. And to Simply Moroccan, I am a big fan of your Moroccanvocab site and all the work you are doing to encourage the study of Darija. Tbarak allah 3leik!

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You’ve got a nice name (or nickname?). If you read the mikkiyyât post, you’ll get through the video of Zina the bee, a cartoon Moroccan kids are familiar with. Ana zinaaa, ana zinaaaa :hap:. Berber families say Zayna instead by the way.