Verb conjugations (present tense)

TeSbaH 'la-khir,

as there is no lesson on this topic, I’d like to ask a few questions. There is a basic pattern for conjugations in Wiki’s article on Darija, but that still leaves a lot of question marks.

  1. If ka-nekteb means “I’m writing”, would ma-nektebsh be correct for “I’m not writing”?

  2. Trying to apply this - would “I speak” be ka-neHdar? If so, are the following correct: ka-teHdar, ka-tHadri, ka-yeHdar, ka-teHdar, ka-nHadru, ka-tHadru, ka-yHadru??

  3. What would the negation sound like? (ma-neHdarsh?)


The Peace Corps Manual (sometimes, on this site, referred to as the PCM) on Moroccan Arabic is highly recommended.
It is available free on

You’ll find answers to your questions there.

Oh, thanks! Seems to be a useful page. The specific part on present tense verbs seems to be inaccesible, unfortunately :huh:. But there’s a lot of other useful stuff - shukran Lise_c.