Verb conjugation help!

Could someone just check my conjugations? I’ve had a go at these myself, so I wouldn’t be surprised if half of it is wrong :slight_smile:

je suis allée - mshit
tu es allé(e) - mshiti
ils est allée - msha
elle est allée - mshat
nous sommes allé(e)s- mshna
vous êtes allé(e)s - mshitu
ils/elles sont allé(e)s - mshau

shra - to buy:
shrit - j’ai acheté
shriti - tu as acheté
shra - il a acheté
shrat - elle a acheté
shrna - nous avons acheté
shritu - vous avez acheté
shrau - ils/elles ont acheté?

And are these irregular?
How is shaf - to see conjugated in the past?


nous sommes allé(e)s- mshIna

shrIna - nous avons acheté

Shaf (to see)

Sheft - I saw
Shefti - You saw
Shaf\Shafet - He\She saw
Shefna - We saw
Sheftiou - You saw
Shafo - They saw

Notice that sometimes “Sheft” is pronounced “Shett” (ie: Shetti/Shefti hadchi= Did you see that?).

we also say Sheftou for You saw