urgent translation....

hallo, I am new in this forum…can someone please translate this message for me???

aki mafhamtini alghazal mali kan gol lik shir onachat ca veut pa dire ce que tu pense ma3andi ga3 lhak nadkhal fdakchi car c fiatek hadik ,mais ghir shir bezaf walaw fadar oman be3d tamchi lkhadma mdagdga hhhhhhhh ghir hadchi likan t kan 3lin bhali ana rani d3afit bezaf hhhhh 13 kg moins bisous sahha oljamal mem une relation bhal lwarda ila makat skiha kat mot fhamtini alghazal ola nfasser mazian

merci azine

thank you ever sooo much

Hello Marthacardoso, welcome to the forum.

Here is the translation for your message:

" You didn’t understand me beauty, when I tell you staying up late at night and fun, it doesn’t mean what you think that I don’t have the right to get involved in that because it’s your life, what I mean is you feel exhausted the following day at work when you stay up late, even at home. That’s it, because me, I’ve lost a lot of weight, 13kg !! Kiss, I wish you good health and beauty from a relation like a flower, if you don’t water it, it fades. So did you understand now beauty ? or do you want me to explain more ?

Thank you Beauty "