urgent help please i would to know what this mints

salam ana mchit and 3gouzti , maradich nakdar ntassal bik fi lil lmouhim radi ndkhal msn andhoum ila sawbouh liyoum ola rda(hint khassar lihoum) lmouhim hicham galiya ila khtak jaya radi douz man tamak , targag 3and la mennan o tjibouni m3akoum nhar samedi si no mabitich ola b3id alik iji ijibni samedi nit o ji andisamedi nit , lmouhim galt lik, ach kayn choufi nti o nhadro man bad swa ainterne swa ntassal bik ola tassli biya kbal vedredi bach t3arfi haa nti ach briti diri okok?

Wa3alaykom salam

1st: The topic should be : Urget help please i would like to know what this means
2nd: I went to my mother-low, i can’t call you to night, I’ll be in the msn if they fix the internet, either today or tomorrow( because it’s broken), anyway hicham told me if your sister coming, and she’ll pass by from there to go back into ( la mennan ?), and take me with her saturday, but if she doesn’t want to go back saturday, anyway i told you what’s going on, hey you will talk after even on the internet, or on the phone, call me before friday, that know what you want, put ok ok?

i think “bach t3arfi haa nti ach briti diri okok?” sounds like “so that you know what you want to do?” isn’t that what “diri” means?
anyway, i may well be wrong :hap:

You’re right, I thought separate words ach briti and diri okok?

okk, thankyouu :slight_smile:
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I have a few modifications. So here is my translation:

Hello. I went to my mother-in-law’s. I won’t be able to call you in the evening, but I will log in to msn at their place, if they fix it today or tomorrow (because it’s not working for them). Anyways, Hicham told me that if your sister is coming, she will pass by there, get you from Mennana’s, and then you get me with you on Saturday. Otherwise, if you don’t want to, or if it’s too far away for you, he will come get me on Saturday as well, and you can come to visit me on Saturday. Anyways, now you are informed about the situation, you can decide and we will talk later either online, or I’ll call you, or you call me before Friday, for you to know what you want to do. Ok?

The text is a little bit ambiguous, since it refers a lot to: here, there, come there, go there. I tried to translate it the most accurate way possible.
I can’t tell if the person who wrote the message is male or female. But the message is sent to a girl.

thanks SM! :hap:
it says in the message “samedi nit” what does nit mean?

Samedi même. :slight_smile:

so like “even”?

No, I didn’t know how to translate that into English, that’s why I escaped to French :D.
Nît means, according to some contexts: oneself.
In this context, we can’t say: on Saturday “itself”. She meant the same Saturday she mentioned earlier in her message.

In other example:
“Manal nît llî gâlt lîk hâd sh-shî?” = Is it Manal herself who told you this?

[quote=tukha]okk, thankyouu :slight_smile:
loubna, what a beautiful avatar!!!
wallah that’s gorgeous machallah :hap: woww[/quote]
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