URGENT: 7m9a

what’s anotehr word that i can replace 7m9a with in this context:


ana 7m9a bmaghreb

ana _____ bmaghreb

tahnks guys and girls and those that are classified as neither

ur sentence is wrong be3da … maybe u wanted to say ana kan7ma9 3la lmeghrib ???
in this case u can say also ana kanmout 3la lmeghrib or ana kantseta … or ana kantweffa … (slang)

crazy =7am9a
crazy about someone/thing = kan7ma9 3la shi wa7d(a)/7aja

other synonymes : kantsbiTer / kantflippa/ kantkhoTer

yeah forget it, it’s too late kand meme, i needed this 7 hours ago, no use now… but thanks anyway, i’ll put it down in the ultimate notebook

thanks falta, more stuff for the notebook

sorry if responses came late!
hope this gonna help other people

looking back on my post, it looked a bit too negative :S i didn’t mean it like “oh well you wasted your time replying”, not at all… i really appreciate both of your replies, and i will keep it in mind for the future nchallah.
thanks again

I didn’t get it that way! I was truly sorry for not giving this information earlier so that you can use it.
anyway now you have it and you can use it in the future.
you’re welcome

For utmost affection, kan7maq 3la, kanmout 3la, and kantsetta 3la are the top 3 most used expressions. The other ones suggested by the guys are probably regional slangs, for I don’t know them. Kantsbiter is the most hilarious one, way to go, Kech.

we say also kanakol 3lik :stuck_out_tongue: (slang ofcourse )

Or kantfenna 3lik
Kant9etta3 3lik

[quote=La3robi]Or kantfenna 3lik
Kant9etta3 3lik
These are used in dramatic or exaggerated situations.

F.e: Kantfenna 3lal besara :smiley:
Fahmini a 7alima ra ma b9ash ki jini n3as rani kant9etta3 3lik :smiley:

kantcherwet 3lik :^^:

thanks guys, exaggeration is one of the services i offer :wink: so these will come in very handy :smiley:

llah 7afdkoum thread wa3ir