u want to know why morocco ???

here is a video with all the movies filmed in morocco … the last one is sex and city 2 which everybody thinks its in abu dhabi but actually it was filmed in morocco …
wanna know why they choose Morocco , check this out :wink:


mmmm well, i don’t wanna say my opinion on this topic… but nice places in morocco :okay:

i appreciate it :smiley: … but u can alwayse open a new thread … we all wanna know ur opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

that was a nice video…:^^:

" if u can’t make an epic in Morocco, u probably can’t make it anywhere " :smiley:

In Kingdom Of Heaven the scene where Orlando gets his plan ready (supposedly in Jerusalem), u can clearly see the village of Ait Ben Haddou , specifically the Ksbah buildings. that’s where my father is from…This video features Kasbah in a short scene (also from KOH making off).

So… 1000 Moroccan military !!! Christian army for one day & Muslim for the other :blink: sounds…mmm i don’t know how it sounds !

I hated the part about S & the C when he said “Morocco welcomed with open arms” i think that’s a sign of shame on our foreheads :no: