typing arabic

I am having trouble understanding the numbers in the typing of the arabic language. Can someone please explain.

Sure. This chart should help.
Are you familiar with Arabic letters? Here is a short summary of the numbers used to transcribe some special Arabic letters that do not exist in Latin:
3 = [large]?[/large]
7 = [large]?[/large]
2 = Hamza. [large]?[/large]

Some extra ones that we don’t use a lot in the forum, but that you can see around in chats:
7’ = [large]?[/large] [Spanish J]
3’ = [large]?[/large] [French R]

I hope this helps. Please let me know if it’s unclear.

I am actually stil learning arabic script so its still a little confusing. . . . thank you :slight_smile:

Are you learning by your own? Or following a course?