two words

sbgha dfari?

sbgha is painting right? and is dfari a typo? does the person mean dari ya3ni my house?

Dfar = fingernail

So the girl meant: sabgha dfari, I have nail polish on, or I polished my nails, or… anyway you put it

[small]that was a joke[/small]… but that was what it meant… having nail varnish on, we call it lvernis in darija, ze3ma we just use the French word

thaaaaaaaanks guys makes so much sense… too many bourgeois girls around :stuck_out_tongue:

lolllll lvernis costs ch7al? 10 dh? That’s not bourgeois… so détrompe-toi

hhh hhh hhh im not talking about the price, but the looks of it, when i see girls wearing it i think POSHHHHH-NESS :smiley: