Two words in Jordanian

And this is a question for Hiba, of course :).

I would like to know what does it refer to when you call someone “safra”. My guess is that it’s liar. Is it so?
And what does bawwa2a mean? I hope this is not a bad word, I have no clue what it is.

Thank you in advance.

:smiley: safra could mean one of these two :

  1. Safra (???) is the opposite of mit7ajbeh/m7ajjabeh (???) which means a female which wears hijab?, so safra is a female who doesn’t wear it :wink:
  2. Safra (???) means yellow (of course) but when you call someone safra or asfar means she/he “seems sick or tired” :slight_smile:

As for bawwa2a/bawwaga I actually never heard of it either so I had to ask someone and he told me it means (deceitful, disloyal) (???) but I’m not sure :hm:
In Kuwaiti dialect it means (thief) (???) :slight_smile:

I hope that helped SM :smiley:

Bawwa2a is definitely disloyal, I was looking for a convenient word. But the way it sounded, it was like a very serious insult!
And safra is ???, but I don’t think calling someone Safra is an insult. So I thought that maybe it refers to a similar meaning to da7ka safra, but it’s probably just paleness as you said.
This definitely helped. Thank you a bunch, Hiba :).

yes maybe safra like da7ka safra means false smile that would make it a bit close to bawwa2a :smiley:

i have a little question what’s zaghroota in darija you know it there right ? :smiley:

Of course we do, it’s the main sign of happiness ;). We call it zghrouta too! The plural is zzgharid.
Lololololiyyyy :D.

you call it zaghroota too we cll the plural zagharid too
that’s cool :cool:
lolololololyyyyy :lol: :wink:

Akid! It’s from MSA :).