TV series song (Alabriya2 - ????????)

Hi everyone!
I frequently watch satellite TV programmes from Morocco even though I hardly understand a pair of words. Nevertheless, I love a song from a series shown on Almaghrebiya channel, and I would like to know its title and the singer, so I can search the song on the Internet. The series title is called “Alabriya2 ???”. Could a Moroccan fried give more information please?

Thank you and allah y3awnekom!

I was meant to answer this a long time ago. Just pretend to ignore the time stamp next to my post now.
I didn’t know this series last year, but it’s on TV again now. I heard the song, but I unfortunately do not know the singer. No luck on Youtube either, as the search turns all kinds of social and drama programs, and nothing about this Moroccan series.

Sorry for not being able to help.

PS: I am not a fried Moroccan ;).

I tried to look in the wide web for the series, but so many websites pretend to have it, but you actually end up with links to videos that are not available.
I hope that someone else will have a better luck finding the series online, so that we can extract the song and work on the lyrics.