Tv presenter can't stop laughing LOL


They were talking about medical errors. The interviewer had been fired and worked later in a radio. He had to apologise later and in the documentary he talks about this.

I’ve seen this video heaps of times, and the dude manages to get me laughing too every time i watch it…

LOOOL and the funny thing is that no one else is laughing just him lol

LOL they say it was planned, that they wanted to ridicule him and then fire him, so he was saying that even the audience was set up.

now that is believeble coz if i was in the audience id be wetting my pants laughing at him lol

I didn’t know this, but he was laughing at their voices right? or am i wrong?

Buy anyways i laughed hard when i saw this clip :smiley:

yes yes his voice xD