turkiya del ca***? :) QUOI?





Chukrann d’avance x

SARAHZINA, i cannot change the title :frowning: so i just changed the post, thats all i could do :S and thanks btw! i found out what it means via elsewhere.

ehm…about the second one… i fear you,your friend or who wrote this things has an experience with italy( there is written something unpleasant in italian…) so i think it’s better to change the title… :wink:

There, I changed the title for you.

Mammass = A traditional feminine Berber name. I don’t know what it means though. No one uses that anymore, and we would tease each other calling girls Mammas, as an old-fashioned name.

matfrechnich = Ne me cafte pas… Don’t unveil my trick, secret.

katslma3ni = The L must be just a typo. It must be “katsma3ni” = you hear me.

nedkhol = I enter.


Thank u so much SM, Mamass is funny :wink: we have some names similar to that which we use to tease girls aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

In the north (Rif), we often say for the children mamass for mama and papas for baba.

mousspapa, merci kteer but the person that used the word wasn’t from the Rif at all, this creature was from the souss…
But thanks for the info :smiley: