Try to understand this sentence

Khalast 5000 Imohami latnin ijboli.
Nmchoonjiboo chi dora 3awd f marrjan.

Is sent by facebook so probably not correct spelled.

Thanks a lot

Hi again, Chris.

Khalast 5000 Imohami latnin ijboli means “I paid 5000. The lawyer will bring it to me on Monday.”

Nmchoonjiboo chi dora 3awd f marrjan means “We will/let’s go take a spin to Marjane (supermarket) again”.

Hi thanks very much!

I thought Khalast meant I have 5000 and not I paid :😆

He was waiting to get his driving licence back after paying a fine.So it looks this will be allright

Apparently this is nog cheap in Morocco ![:roll_eyes:


I have is andi/3endi/3andi.
He did not mention the currency, but if this is a driving license, chances are he meant 250 dh, so around $28.
I’m not sure this is about a driving license, because lawyers are not involved in it.

Thanks but he went to court and needed a lawyer to pay the fine and do the necessary administration because he did not show up at court several times last year due to corona.
He mentioned the lawyer in the sentence. That was the reason that the amount was higher. Apparently they don’t take into account that it was difficult to travel during Corona. So I suppose it could be in dh.

I only know that in case of a traffic accident or a violation on the road and the person refuses to pay the fine on the spot, their driving license is confiscated. It can be returned if the person pays the fine within 30 days. Otherwise, it is transferred to the court. There it can be retrieved upon payment of the fine, I don’t think a lawyer is needed. Retrieving a driving license is merely an administrative procedure. I could be wrong.