translet plzzzzzzzz))

  1. o bred makayn lach t9le9


  1. maghanjich = im not going to come

Salaamullaahi Alaikum

I’m surprised Lalla Aicha got the second one right, just kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I’d be glad to help in translating the other two questions

1)o bred makayn lach t9le9 , bred is the Moroccan way to tell people to calm down/don’t worry. makayn lash t9alle9 means no need to get upset, so ‘o bred makayn lach t9le9’ means don’t worry, there is nothing to get upset about

  1. tafe9na means we agreed, moroccans say that in the end of the convo sometimes to make sure there is no misunderstanding, some people use it a lot … it’s like a mannerism like when sb says fhamti, it doesn’t mean u didn’t understand or he’s referring that ur stupid, it’s just a mannerism like when some say ’ if you see what I mean’. anyways tafe9na means we agreed/we reached an agreement sth like that :confused:

The second one Ms LallaAicha got it right mashallah :slight_smile:

Fee Amaanillaah :slight_smile:

LallaAïcha and HeavyGuest thanks very much!!)))))))))))))

you’re welcome :slight_smile:

sorry but do we know each other :stuck_out_tongue: only people i know can mock me lolll jk

Anytime :wink:

“sorry but do we know each other :stuck_out_tongue: only people i know can mock me lolll jk”

excuse my rudeness and sorry for being too “friendly”, I consider you all as brothers and sisters that’s why I gave myself the right to joke with some of people here sometimes. Sorry again and I promise I won’t do that again :slight_smile:

LOL, it’s cool, the reason i asked u is a loooong story, I tell many of my friends to sign up to this website, some do and some don’t, now i thought maybe u were one of those who i told to sign up and they did without telling me and now they are making fun of me but i don’t know which friend it is, it’s a complicated story xD sorry!

you’re allowed to joke, and it’s not rudeness at all, unless your jokes are like Madridista’s :open_mouth: then you need to filter them before you say them to us :stuck_out_tongue: