Salam alaikum sisters and brothers…

can somebody help me to translation the sentence? i know its lot but i make this because for my Mother ( the mother from my husband)…she have birthday and i want to make her little happy for a small sentence in darija from me…
i will be happy

thank you very much…

I wish for the Birthdaychild
that always problems can be solved
and ensure rapid escape
the dark clouds move
the sun should always shine to you
in large should like in small for you
very well succed,what you plan
because so you can always laugh
because you have birthday today
i will send you this vers
i hope,it make you happy
with the best wishes it will end

I’d like to ask you first if your mother-in-law can read and write Arabic. I’ll need you to explain some parts of your lines for me, since they are not very clear to me. Like what you mean by “rapid escape”, “in large should like in small for you”,… I am not sure that translating these in Darija can preserve the meanings you want to convey.

yes she can read in normal abc and in arabic letter…

rapid escape i mean the worry go fastly away and
in large should like in small for you i mean…the biggest hart work or somethin in the life would be like small…

you understand???ß

Let me try, I don’t promise that the outcome will be that much outstanding.

Kantmnnâ lmôlat 3îd lmîlâd
It7llô mashâkilhâ dâyman
W 3mmr homômhâ mâ ydômô
Kantmmnâ dîmâ sh-shms tbrî lîha
W llî kbârt tSghâr lîhâ
Kantmnnâ lîhâ nnajâ7 f koll mâ dârt
W ljâwâb lkoll mâ sâlt
Lyôma 3îd mîlâdk
W bhâd sh-shîr3 nbârk lîk
Bghîtô y3jbk
W bSS77â w lhnâ ylagîk

Guess what… I slightly modified some parts, and tried to make the poetry rhyme. Other members are most welcome to comment :D. I actually think that the outcome isn’t THAT bad. Here it is written in Arabic letters, followed by an exact translation.

[right][large]??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
? ??? ??? ?? ???
??? ??? ??? ??? ???
? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ? ?? ?? ???
? ??? ??? ?? ???
??? ??? ???
? ??? ??? ??? ???
??? ???
? ??? ? ??? ???[/large][/right]

I wish to the birthday lady
That all her problems always get solved
And that her worries never last long
I wish that the sun will always shine for her
And what’s big shall become small for her
(as in problems, like you said)
I wish her success in everything she does
And answers for everything she asks (for/about)
Today is your birthday
And I am sending you my wishes through this poetry
I hope that you’ll like it
And that it’ll find you in a good health and shape

I hope that this is what you’re expecting. :).

ya salaaaaaaaam nice poem SM ;):okay:

It’s just an adaptation + translation of Ahlam’s :).

Ahlam, are you still around? :hap:
I just hope that the translation was useful to you.