I am trying to learn bits of Moroccan Arabic (as I understand, it’s name being Darija), but he has thrown me something I cannot seem to translate. If anyone could help me out, I would be really happy.

“Anti Zwenna”

I think I understand “Zweena” to mean beautiful, in the feminine form. However, I don’t know what “Anti” means.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Also, if it comes out to mean something sarchastic and slightly bitchy, can anyone help me out with a reply…likewise for if it is really sweet.

One more thing. Any suggestions on a good dictionary. I’ve gone all over my city and cannot find anything!

Hello Louie and welcome aboard :).

Anti = You, feminine singular.
Zweena = Beautiful, adjective, feminine singular.
So someone is telling you that you’re beautiful. That’s nothing mean at all.

You can answer: Allah ikhllik. = May God preserve you. That’s to thank the person for the compliment.

Normally when someone tells you that something you have is beautiful, you say: “Iziyyen iyyamk” = May God make your days beautiful. But I am not sure you can say that to someone who says that YOU are beautiful, not something you own.

HI and welcome louiemed5

I think you know that nti = you in dareeja, so I add that anti is the origin of the word nti

Then you still can say : nti zweena :wink:

awww…thats soo cute

nti zwina= your beautiful.

thank you so much everyone!

your welcome