please translate in english:

mabrouk l3id bache ma tmniti ana kantassel bik o makatjawbiniche f telephone m3liche lmouhim mabrouk l3id o salmi 3la jmi3 ennass li 3la dine Mohammed sala ellahou 3lihi wa sallam o mille milli mille boussa likoum kamline


happy feast i hope u get all what ur dreamin of , im callin u but u dont answer me in the phone , no harm , happy feast and say hi to everybody and a lot of kisses to all of u

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Just a small note, the message meant to send greetings to “all those who follow the religion of Mohamed, peace be upon him”, instead of just “everybody”.

The message is sent to a girl.

lol swab dl mgharba ma3ndich m3ah :stuck_out_tongue: everybody w safi

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w safi

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w safi[/quote]
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