First of all, I think this site is awesome…and thanks to whomever can help me on this but a friend and I were backpacking in Morocco in 1997. We met a couple of very friendly locals in Tetoun (sp) and after spending 4 days with them they left us a message in Darija in my journal…I just cannot seem to find a translation on line…so here goes. And thanks if you can help!!!

Aradto an odajina ahsan chira fi al maghreb fa wajadto sadiki lyrbi yatakayafo hashish mazyana.

Again…thanks and happy new year.


I aint gonna ask you if you spent 12 years lookin for a translation ! but it sounds a lil weired like it’s not Moroccan who wrote that…doesn’t sound like a native s talkin & its not so clear. btw it’s not Darija, that’s classic Arabic (Fos7a)

It says : " i wanted to do (for 1st time) the best chira in Morocco, & i found my friend lyrbi(?) smoking a good hash "

  • Chira is the name of a drug brand.
  • Lyrbi ? isn’t that your name or sth…

Lyrbi can be also l3erbi loooll i guess

Thanks Pb no, I just stumbled across my diary this morning…this gentleman was apparently from Tetoun. They were very kind to us, found a place to stay right on the beach and took us into the city. We were sort of sketched out by them at first but after 3 days became fond and trusting of them. We did consume some pretty good hashish though and I recall before my friend and I left, they offered one of us some “employment” but wouldn’t tell us what it was regarding exactly…I thought maybe there was a hint in the note…thanks a lot.


Diary ? mmmmmm, makes sense now :slight_smile:

huh makes sense too :lol: