translation !!

3adra driyfa


not native speaker buuut i think might be:

Ma3rouf well-known, obvious

7amla- pregnant…might also be possible to be used for someone (female) carrying a burden of some kind

the other two…couldn’t say

do these all go together?

7amla can’t be but pregnant… carrying would be hazza chi 7aja

if tabdrast can give us the last two in full sentences, it would be awesome… or at least make sure you wrote them right, because I am smelling some typos in the air

yeah youre right but what if you were talking about carrying something metaphorically, like ‘she carries the weight of the bad decisions she made when she was young’ ???

We usually say “mt7ammla” (taking/holding responsibility)

About “7amla” it is actually “carrying”, used to refer to a pregnant woman in the meaning of that she’s carrying a baby. & can be used to refer to a female carrying sth else (not baby). & can also be used to refer to female holding responsibility of sth.

3adra driyfa: sometimes people confuse “h” with “3”, so if it’s 3adra driyfa, it’s "nice virgin (girl), if it’s hadra dryfa then = nice talk/words

Meglouk: or mghlo9 is supposed to mean “closed”, unless “meglook” is another word (cuz it seems like mghlo9 & not like anything else)

niiiiice! :okay: gee i hope its not some conversation with 3adra drifa w 7amla in the same sentence :no: